Conference planning is time-consuming and often complicated. Piles of paper appear to be everywhere! But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Meeting Management Services strongly believes in the Hermes Software System which we can offer for you to use under license or we’ll operate it for you.

Utilizing the remarkable Hermes system means you’ll be able to build your conference program online. Authors submit their abstracts directly to your database, you pick and choose which ones you want and the software does the rest. Even coffee breaks and room assignments are scheduled. You can make changes instantly right up until your on-site program goes to the printer.

More Information:  Ozone Software Website

Printed Programs
Benefits of the Hermes Software system go well beyond the collection process. Information and abstracts are inserted into your on-site program pages. Authors’ indexes are automatically updated and printed to go into the program. Withdrawn and cancelled papers are noted in the printed program. Your printer will receive camera-ready laser printed pages.
Web Pages
Whether you operate the Hermes Software System under license or let us manage it for you, you’ll be amazed at its versatility and speed. Speakers and program information can be exported quickly into customized web pages to be uploaded to your site. Speakers, delegates and prospective attendees can see the complete program online and plan their visit in advance.

Delegates to your conference will have the opportunity to re-live the learning experience over and over again when they take home a conference program CD. The same technology that creates web pages can generate compact discs of the entire conference program. Delegates will have a personal archive of the complete conference which they can then share with colleagues.

Hermes Software also offers conference organizers custom signs for each session. Included are presentation titles, authors’ names and session times. All of this at a click of a button and you don’t have to re-enter any data.